Journey Back Into Imagination

Welcome to Journey Back Into Imagination.  This project is a work-in-progress virtual recreation of the original Journey Into Imagination attraction from Walt Disney World's EPCOT Center.  This recreation includes a web-based interactive model that you can explore and still photos of the virtual pavilion.


Overall Pavilion - The outdoor portion of this attraction is the most finished.  I'm loosely recreating the pavilion as it was around 1986.

The model features "Journey Back" Signs indicating the entrances to other scenes.

The Original Ride - The ride system and vehicles are working.  When you enter the ride, you can choose any of the 4 cars in the train by pressing 1 - 4 and overhead views with 5 and 6. You can look around with the mouse.  Press "w" to walk around in "free roaming" mode, "o" to fast forward, "p" to pause, or "e" to exit the ride.

Captain EO / Magic Eye Theater - The preshow, main theater, and exit hallway are in.  They have proper music and props, but I do not plan to add working movies (too complicated and available by better means elsewhere).  The main theater is modeled after the original Captain EO set dressing.  

The Image Works - All of the rooms and structures are there and I'll continue fleshing out the details as I go.  My goal is to make this area at least partially functional.  I really want to add more animation and interactivity.

Do you have any blueprints, plans, photos or videos of the original attraction?  If you have anything you think might help, drop me a line at  Thanks!
Check out the work so far in this slideshow or at Flickr: