Saturday, December 12, 2009

Singapore Pictures!

I've been home from my work trip to Singapore for a couple of days now and I finally found some time to put up some pictures.

SINGAPORE CITY - These are pictures that I either snapped from the car as I was shuttled around the city or that I took on the one evening I got to wander around Clark Quay and China Town.

HOTEL RE! AND FRIENDS - The hotel I stayed in was an absolutely bizarre (but nice) 1970's themed hotel. Also, I ran into 6 different people I know but haven't seen in 5 to 15 years on this trip. Quite a bizarre set of spontaneous reunions.

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS AT SENTOSA - Here are some pictures from Sentosa Island where U.S.S. is located. I also included the U.S.S. park and backstage pictures that I can get away with showing because they were in public areas or backstage areas that didn't "give anything away".

Now it's time to catch up on sleep. :-)

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