Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lost and Found: Caesar's Magical Empire

I was doing some digging in my "Old Vegas" box today and came across some delightful little treasures. I found a description and an attraction map for the now defunct Caesar's Magical Empire. On Flickr, click "All Sizes" above the photos to make them readable.  

The Empire was Caesar's Palace's answer to the Magic Castle. You started with a small scale dinner show in one of the special dining rooms where food was served by a Wizard and 2 helpers. Magic and music was blended into dinner with some in room special effects. After that, you were free to wander the many other chambers and presentations in the main part of the attraction. I got to do this once or twice. I also had the pleasure of a backstage tour when I interviewed to be a tech in one of the theaters. I lost the job to Union politics but I got the tour so I was happy.

I also found an ad featuring one of the Wizards, who also happens to be a friend and former co-worker from my performance days at Excalibur.  He was the King.  I was a goofball with a sword.

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