Friday, May 21, 2010

MGM Grand Adventures in News Plus Notes

MGM Grand Blueprint
Originally uploaded by Mike Brister
Check it out:  A Look Back at MGM Grand Adventures Part 1

Some old photos and swag of mine are getting featured in a theme park blog I follow called News Plus Notes. After reading a couple of their entries about the now demolished MGM Grand Adventures Theme Park in Las Vegas and seeing the reporter lament about the fact that there aren't really many pictures out there of the place, I sent him the link to my park photos on Flickr. Now, he's doing a multi-part history and tour of this weird little bit of Vegas and theme park history.

He actually seems to know more about the place than me and I worked there for the first year of operation (doing THIS).  It's a nice little trip down memory lane for me.  If you're a theme park or Vegas history nerd (like me), this might be for you too.

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