Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fantasmic Showtechniker

Showtechniker Guy
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While doing a boredom search of the web tonight, I came across this weird little blast from my past.  In 2004, Fantasmic's Show Director, Lighting Designer, Special FX Crew Chief, and Show Control Crew Chief (that's me) were interviewed for a German TV show called Disney Filmparade.  This particular episode was a look behind the scenes of Fantasmic at WDW.  Tonight, I discovered that the episode is on Youtube.  I'd never seen it there before.

This show has some really great behind the scenes and running show footage.  If you'd like to hear what I sound like dubbed into German, I first appear at 3:26.  I also have a bunch of good quality screen captures from the episode HERE or by clicking on the picture.

We also did some filming backstage for a Travel Channel HD show that I have never seen anywhere.  Anyone ever see that?  Maybe I'll search for it next.

Wow, this really makes me miss being a Showtechniker...

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