Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Journey Into Interactive

Interactive programming in 3D Rad.
This weekend was a time of great success and head-banging failure for my Journey project.  My goal was to create an interactive version of the model using game software so others could explore and eventually ride the recreation from the web.  The success part was that I did manage to convert my Sketchup model into an explorable "game" using 3D Rad software.  It's quite cool.  The failure was my inability to get the web embedding feature to work.  In the process, I discovered that it would be unavailable to Mac users as well.  I decided to change gears a bit.

I started over with Unity software.  I think it will have better quality and flexibility, but it will also work in all formats.  The problem is that it is a lot more complicated.  I'm reading all the documentation now.  This doesn't help my patience though.  To get right up to this particular finish line then go back and start over is not the sort of thing I do easily.  But I have no choice, I guess.  I'll live.

While I work on rebuilding the interactive environment, I decided to start doing nicer renderings of the existing model.  I'll try to run one each night for a little while.  I'm also continuing to tweak the exterior model and build the interior.  Despite a minor set back, I'm still having fun with it so the journey continues.

1st rendering attempt.  Some color weirdness below the small pyramid and the Kodak logo vanished, but not bad overall.

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