Saturday, April 7, 2012

JII Version 6.1: Journey Back to 1986

Version 6.1 of the simulation is up and running.  This version has new content but also has a bunch of small adjustments in order to align it better with the target time period of 1986.  Here's what is new:

- The simulation window is a little taller now.  Better view, I think.
- You are no longer 4 feet tall.  Congratulations on the growth.

- The bushes have been removed from the perimeter of the ride building.  They were added with JIYI in 1999.
- I'm sticking with the later fountain sculpture but I added the colored panels that briefly lived inside it.
- I've made some minor architectural updates.  The area between the theater exit and Kodak Store is slightly different now and the walls around the restrooms are correct now.
- Temporary signage on the Kodak Store.  I can't find a clear shot of what those signs look like exactly.
- Accessories in the upper lobby.

- New scenic elements in Teapot / Houses and 1st Half of Dreamport scenes.
- Slightly better lighting in these scenes and some added special FX.
- I've added some invisible force fields so you won't feel stuck down in the track pit when walking around anymore.  You may still experience random vanishing walls though.  Explore at your own risk.

- The last remaining elements of HISTA are out.  This is as close to original EO as I can currently get.  Thanks again to Martin Smith for some reference assistance.
- "True Colors" is out and "Makin' Memories" music is in.  Rumor has it that "Makin' Memories" was briefly featured early in Captain EO's run.  Even if that isn't true (research is ongoing), I still have no usable "Capture a Smile" material.  I'm also seeking a screenshot of "Makin' Memories" for the pre-show screen if anyone has that.
- The automatic door passages are better fleshed out now.  "Doors open automatically" (even though they actually don't here).
- Blue seats!

Image Works
- Light Writer is more detailed now and Lumia is roughed in.  Does anyone have a decent picture of that?  Right now, it looks like a mini-Spaceship Earth in a dark room.
- General fixes to the ceiling and walls.  Lots of little tweaks.

Known Issues
- There is still a great deal of weirdness with the music transitions, especially when loading new scenes.  I'm working on it.
- This.  I can't consistently recreate it yet but it is on my list.  I think it's kind of funny though.

What's Next in 6.2
- I'm going to take a crack at the jumping fountains, pop jets, and Figment bush outside.  Fingers crossed.  I'll also change the West glass doors of the lobby into windows, like it was early on.
- Adding the 2nd half of Dreamport in the ride.
- In the Image Works, I want to add some sounds to Stepping Tones and get some placeholders in the Vibrating Mirrors room.
- The Theater needs some straightening up with regard to the seats.  I have some more accurate plans of that now so I should be able to make that nicer.


  1. Awesome sauce. Just a testing note, though- you may want to turn the Captain EO screen into a solid object. It is now entirely possible to jump THROUGH the screen and plummet into oblivion.

    1. Ha! And oops. I should put some cool Easter Egg back there (other than a bottomless pit). In the mean time, thanks. I will fix that in the next version.