Sunday, May 20, 2012

JII Version 6.3: Ride Tweaks and Magic

Version 6.3 is up and running!  This update is not as organized as previous ones, but I think there are some good changes here.  Since this one updated pretty much just the ride, here is a short list of what happened:

- The Magic / Genie Dreamfinder scene is in.  I still need to add Figment in his magnifying glass and fix a bunch of texture things.  This scene also includes the blacklight direction signs just before it and the filmstrips after it that lead into the Star Tunnel.

- I added a couple of animals to the Arts Scene carousel.  The other 3 are coming soon.

- Textures and lighting have been added to the Finale (Figment films) scene.

- The Dreamfinder photo is in after the Finale.  I am aware that the scaling and position are a bit off but I'm having trouble figuring it out from the videos.  I'll get it there eventually though.  The photo on the filmstrip is actually me and my family from an old WDW vacation video.  I'm the formerly skinny kid in the backseat holding the video camera.

- I have tweaked the lighting everywhere in the ride.  I think it is starting to look atmospherically correct.  Again, hard to guess at from old videos and flash photos.  I'm making some judgement calls there.

- The ride vehicle is no longer jet black.

- I tried to fix a lot of the culling settings so you won't see as many missing scene elements, especially when walking around.  There are still a few though.  By the way, if you get stuck walking around in the ride, remember that you can jump.  I filled some of the potholes, but I know there are more to be found.

- Throughout the entire model, I have attempted to correct the music glitches and shorten the transition times.  Let me know if it works right for you.

That's it for this round.  Thanks!


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