Sunday, November 23, 2014

JBII Version 7.2: Journey Into Renovation

Version 7.2 is online! See the web simulation HERE or download a Windows stand-alone HERE. What happened to Version 7.1, you might ask. I don't know. I lost count. Who cares? Version 7.2 is ready at last!

What's new in this version:


- A bunch of bug fixes. Rest assured, there are still plenty in there though. The work continues...

- A brand new GUI menu. There is now a menu overlay on your screen that gives you all the keyboard shortcut keys. If you don't want to see it, just press "h". That key will toggle the menu on and off as you like. And remember, there are different options in every scene so this menu will change for each of them.

- Better scene changes. The simulation is still divided into 4 parts: outside, the ride, Captain EO, and the Image Works. You start outside while the other 3 scenes are "streamed" to your web browser in the background. Now, you will get pop-up messages when each of these scenes is ready. No more guessing.

- I fixed your perspective. You're an adult now and are taller than the trashcans.


- I've added a bunch of the signs that were appropriate to 1986 (mostly EO-related) as well as missing handrails, telephones, water fountains, etc. Also, better trees everywhere.

- I also discovered that I had some of the building architecture wrong, because it had changed a bit over the years. I added back missing parts of the building entrance, a planter, and the extension of the long curved blue barrier to the left of the entrance.

- I also added the ability to walk inside the restrooms on the far right side of the building. There's nothing in there, but go crazy.


- The "Work of Art" is no longer a blank white wall. I used a photo to create a mural that gives the feel of the original. I am still looking for a proper shot of the whole thing.

- I added the lightning effect to the end of The Arts scene. However, it isn't working in the web version, only the stand-alone. Working on that.

- There are a few new pieces in the Literature scene now. It is a lot less black space now.

- The posters are up in the Showbiz scene now (but the marquee vanished).

- There is a glitch when you first enter the Science tunnel and it will appear to be missing. Hold on, it will come back as you move into it.

- I've updated the ride photo (which is me and my family in the backseat, by the way) and unload areas. It makes much more sense now and isn't so dark.

- The lighting has been tweaked all over the place, hopefully for the better.


- I changed nothing! You hear me? Nothing!


- Like the restrooms outside, you can now wander around in the "backstage" rooms behind Electronic Philharmonic. Also like the restrooms, there is nothing in there. Enjoy.

- The Rainbow Corridor has chasing neon colors now. It's not perfect, but it is getting there. I'm still learning how this works.

- The signs and details for Kaleidoscope and Magic Palette are in. They look much more finished now.

So that's all I can remember for now. Have fun!