Sunday, December 7, 2014

JBII Version 7.3: Listen to the Landscaping

Version 7.3 is now online! Check out the web simulation HERE.

This version has only one purpose and only one change... to make the outdoor scene better. I really wanted it to feel more like it was actually a part of EPCOT Center, instead of a strange rectangular floating island. So here are the basic changes:

- Real 3D representations of Spaceship Earth, the monorail, World of Motion, Communicore, and The Land are now visible through the trees (especially upstairs in the pyramid). I put them in their real world positions and scales so they will always look correct from any viewing location.

- Better trees! I did my best to make the trees match reference photos nearest the pavilion. In the distances, there are extra trees to mask the edges of the landscape.

- More accurate pathways and planters! I love those cool circular planters and did my best to get all of them in the right places. I think it makes a lot more sense now. You can also explore a little bit further out than you could before. "This area is temporarily closed" signs will let you know when you can't go further.

- The water feature now extends halfway through this half of Future World. It feels so peaceful now.

- There are now other plants in some of the planters in the courtyard and upstairs in the pyramid. Just looks nicer.

- One major glitch so far. I know the background music is resetting on its own from time to time. I'm going to change the scripts that run the music in version 7.4. 

That's it for now. Enjoy!


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