Sunday, January 15, 2012

JII Version 5: The Image Works

The first draft of the Image Works is in the simulation now.  This is the last part of the pavilion that I needed to construct.  I currently have no plans to simulate the restrooms.

I am using the opening 1982 layout, including these attractions: Bubble Music, Rainbow Corridor, Vibrating Mirrors, Lumia, Stepping Tones, Digital Wall, Light Writer, School of Film, Magic Palette, Pin Tables, Kaleidoscopes, and Electronic Philharmonic.  

All of the rooms and attractions are in place though the level of detail isn't very high yet.  I'll be adding the signs, screens, props, and other details in future versions along with the other scenes.  My eventual goal is to simulate the interactivity of some of the rooms, but none of that is happening yet.  I'll also make the 3 entrances and exits work individually.  That's kind of fudged right now.

Big thanks to Martin Smith.  His videos and maps provided most of the research images I used in this part of the building.

The work continues.  Enjoy your Journey Back to the Image Works!


  1. What, no restrooms??? I was hoping to go into the virtual restroom, take a virtual sitdown in a virtual stall and just listen to the classic background music play as a look over a virtual vintage park map... :"(

    Anyways, looks good. It'll be cool if you can make these interactive exhibits. That said, I'm most excited to see progress on the actual ride.

    I must add that I'm loving how frequent these updates are. Till the next one, keep up the great work.

    1. I was about to tell you that I can't build the restrooms because I don't have reference material... then I realized it's one of the few things I actually have semi-detailed blueprints of. Weird. We'll see if I get that industrious.

      With the Image Works rooms in place and most of the programming and infrastructure functioning, it is now time to start filling in the details. I've hesitated on fleshing out the ride because I don't have blueprints yet. However, I think working on the other sections has trained me up for figuring it out from photos and video. I think it's about time. That work starts now.

      Thanks for the encouragement! :-)