Sunday, January 1, 2012

JII Version 4.3: The Little Details

Happy New Year!  To start off 2012, I've uploaded web simulation version 4.3.

As usual, this version includes a lot of clean-up and technical fixes.  Blah blah...  The more important element of this minor update is the addition of many missing details that I think are subtle but important to making the model feel right.  Most of those details are in the outdoor areas of the lobbies of the ride, theater and image works areas.

The architecture and details inside the Captain EO theater went through a bit of an overhaul as well.  Specifically, the walls on either side of the theater are different and some little things (like employee doors and 3D glasses return bins) are in.  I promise, I'll fix the crappy lighting next.  :-)

You can see photos of many of these at the bottom of this post.

I've also added 3 black signs that indicate where the scene changes are (or will be).  A recent comment on the Facebook page made me realize there is nothing letting viewers know about the hidden entrances to other scenes.  I hope this will help make it more obvious.

That's it for this update.



  1. I've been following Horizons Resurrected for a while now and before that Virtual Toad, but I just now discovered this wonderful project. Seriously, Journey in Imagination was my favorite attraction in all of WDW (not just EPCOT Center), with Horizons being my second, and NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THIS!!! Judging by all the '0 comments', you need to spread the word, as this is just too great to keep a secret. I'm not sure if Chris Wallace knows, as I'd assume he would have you linked on the side of his site if he did but you might want to send an email out to the Friends of Figment (they have a huge mailing list for fans of the original attraction). Maybe make a post on WDWMagic. IDK, it just seems criminal to keep this hidden away and the more you spread the word, the more likely you'll find people who can help you out with references (the holy grail being the Walter Peregoy murals or the animated bits with Figment). Keep up the good work. I enthusiastically await your next update.

  2. Wow, John. Thanks! It's great to get this kind of feedback. And you're right, I haven't really spread the word around much. It only very recently got to the level where I feel it's ready for that. I think I'll take your suggestions though. I'm hitting the wall on some of the resources so hopefully you're right and they'll find me when more people know.

    Thanks a bunch for the comments and suggestions. I really appreciate it. :-)