Tuesday, January 24, 2012

JII Version 5.1: Ride Parts

Version 5.1 of the Web Simulation is up now.  This one is mostly technical but it is at last focused on getting the ride more fleshed out. Here are the additions and changes:

- The Ride Scene now features the full soundtrack and it is time aligned with the ride scenes.  There is a little bit of cheating here.  Because the soundtrack is a fixed length, I had to make several vehicle speed changes to keep it aligned.  I tried to keep them subtle.

- Some of the sets, walls, and props are starting to appear (still mostly as placeholders) in the ride.  There is a little something in Dreamport, Arts, Literature, Science, and the Finale.  Very little but it's getting there.  Look for the teapot chandelier!

- You now have the option to get out and walk around by pressing the "w" key once the ride starts.  You can resume riding where you left off by pressing "r".  You exit the ride early by pressing "e".

- Because the Flight of the Imagination scene (aka, the turntable) is 5 minutes of staring at the vehicle (with soundtrack now at least), I have added the option to skip it by pressing "s".  This allows you to explore the rest of the ride without having to wait.

- I fixed a couple of missing walls in The Image Works.  Ooops.  Also, all 3 Image Works entrances and exits work now.

- I corrected the Near Culling... whatever that is.  Anyway, you should no longer experience the disorienting effect of seeing through the solid walls when you run into them.  This may still happen with objects I let you pass through.  By the way, certain items (like the queue rails) let you pass through on purpose to make navigation easier.

The next set of additions should mostly be ride content.  It's slow going since I don't have any real scene maps.  I'm slowly working out placement from videos and photos.  Anyone have blueprints or backstage photos I can borrow?  :-)


  1. Please call me. I've got to search for those blueprints...

    1. Oh yes! That would be brilliant. We definitely need to meet up. I've lived here too long without properly saying hello. :-)

  2. My eyes swelled up a little hearing the soundtrack set to the scenes. That's the power of nostalgia. Seriously can't wait until the next update.

    Also, hellz yeah blueprints!!!!

    1. That's great to hear. It's exactly what I hope this does for others like it does for me. I feel like I'm rebuilding my childhood. Thanks. :-)